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Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy Country: N/A
IMDB Rating: 8.8/10 Released Date: 22 May 2016
Runtime: 60 min Language: English
Stars: Dominic Cooper, Tom Brooke, W. Earl Brown, Ian Colletti,

Summary: Preacher tells the story of Jesse Custer, a preacher in the small Texas town of Annville. Custer is accidentally possessed by the supernatural creature named Genesis in an incident which killed his entire congregation and flattened his church. Genesis, the product of the unauthorized, unnatural coupling of an angel and a demon, is an infant with no sense of individual will. However, as it is composed of both pure goodness and pure evil, it might have enough power to rival that of God Himself. In other words, Jesse Custer, bonded to Genesis, may have become the most powerful being in the universe.


If every TV pilot episode serves as a show’s calling card, dropping clues about its overall tone and potential, then “Preacher’s” is singed around the edges, and sulfur-scented. In the 90-minute premiere of the new hour-long AMC series, someone spontaneously combusts into a shower of goo; one of the main protagonists guzzles blood directly out of a man’s chest; and a child responds to witnessing a death-blow by grinning and yelling, “Awesome!” It’s precisely what fans of the controversial cult comic-book, which debuted in 1995, expect.